Welcome To
Hollyhock Persians
Specializing in Rare Colors
Hi!  You have reached Hollyhock Persians, and I would
like to tell you a little about myself, and my Persian babies.
 I have owned different breeds of animals (cats, dogs,
horses, etc.) all my life.  I became hooked on Persian cats
about 14 years ago.
I just love their big round eyes and flat faces, and of
course, their beautiful fluffy coat.  I just have to have that
coat!  They are very wonderful pets and very loving.  They
are like live teddy bears of love.
All my Persians are our pets, not just for breeding.  They
are C.F.A. registered and home raised, underfoot.  I have
been working on some rare colors for the past 7 years.  
For example:  
Dollface, Chocolate & Lilac Bi-Color
including Chocolate Calico & Lilac-Calico, Chocolate
Point & Lilac Point Himalayan, Bi-Color Himalayan,  
Bi-Color Silver, Bi-Colors with BLUE Eyes, Blue Eyed
White (sound hearing), Golden and much more!  I have all
qualities--pet, breeder and show.
Here are some of the lines my cats carry:  Brannaway,
Blunorther, Q-T Cats, Sierra, Midas, South Paw,
Mystichill, Bar-B, Prim Pet, Harwood, Whiskershire,
Cactusway, Nay-Tay's, Sulltans, Dirtypaws, Danpeg,
Chasshirs, Harthrob, KellyLane, & Jenwilly.
All my kittens are given shots, are wormed, and have a
written health guarantee.  I will take deposits, and I will
ship.  Thank you for taking a look at my Persian babies.  
(Riverside, California)
Breeder of Persian Cats and Kittens in dollface, Solid Chocolate & Lilac,
Chocolate Point & Lilac Point Himalayan, & Chocolate & Lilac Bi-Colors
including Chocolate Calico, and Lilac Cream & White.  Also Blue Eyed White
Persians, and Pointed Bi-Colors.  Located in the Riverside area of Southern
E-mail is not checked routinely so please call me at (951) 781-4979
(Riverside, Calif.)  If you get my answering machine, please leave your
number slowly twice, and I will call you back.  If I don't get back to you
within 24 hours, please call me again, as I may not have been able to
understand your number.